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Join the Chamber Energy Purchasing Cooperative

The war and the economy continue to escalate utility prices to historic levels. Join The Chamber Energy Co-Op today!

The Chamber of Commerce has partnered with nationally recognized energy management experts and consultants, CQI Associates, to run the cooperative. The Chamber Energy Co-Op program provides competitive electric and natural gas rates for your business and your home.

CQI’s 25-plus years of experience provides the best option for stabilizing your utility expenses. There is no better time for members to enroll in the Chamber Energy Purchasing Cooperative Program and gain price stability, budget control, and peace of mind.

Since 2004 cooperative participants have consistently realized electricity and natural gas rates below both market rates and the weighted annual utility standard offer service rates.

Climate Solutions Now Act

Maryland passed the Climate Solutions Now Act requiring a 60% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2031. Any business with a 35,000 sq. ft. or more facility, schools, and municipalities that do not comply will be assessed a penalty of $51 or more per ton. Penalties could start as early as 2024. This could cost a small facility, school or municipality thousands of dollars. Watch this video to learn more.  If this issue applies to you, call Joe Tabeling of CQI Associates at 443-472-3870 or email joe@cqiassociates.com


The application deadline for the Chamber of Commerce Energy Purchasing Cooperative program is Friday, September 29, 2023.

To learn more about the purchasing cooperative, simply watch this short video.

CQI Energy Co-op Video – Energize Your Savings

Joining the Chamber’s Energy Co-op Program provides:

  • Increased Purchasing Power in procuring competitive electric and natural gas rates.
  • Support, so you don’t ‘go through it alone.
  • Budget Stability by offering Fixed Rate energy supply costs.
  • Year-round Customer Support through CQI Associates.

NO FEE to join the Co-op, and one application cover ALL of your electricity and natural gas accounts for ALL locations.


1. Complete and sign the Letter of Authorization
2. Provide one copy of your most recent utility bill(s), all pages, for all electricity and or natural gas accounts you are enrolling
3. Scan and email copies of the above documents to Joe Tabeling at joe@cqiassociates.com or fax to 410-630-5911
4.  Submit the application. THE APPLICATION DEADLINE is September 30, 2022.

Click here for information for RESIDENTIAL members

Click here for information for COMMERCIAL members

Download the 2023 Authorization Letter

Questions? Please contact:

Joe Tabeling – joe@cqiassociates.com