The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce (SACC) was founded in 1920. Thus, 2020 marks our 100th year of continually serving business interests in the Salisbury area.

On March 4, 1920, about 80 men voted unanimously to rename the Salisbury Business Men’s Association as the Chamber of Commerce of Salisbury, Maryland. There was only one membership level. Each member (notably, men
only) paid $50 annual dues and was entitled to one vote.

Fred P. Adkins was elected president of the board of directors. There was one, paid secretary, whose job description was to devote all time and attention to working for the good of Salisbury. Every member of the Chamber was expected to offer their keen interest and full cooperation to the organization since, without that commitment, nothing big nor good could be accomplished.

Over the decades, our Chamber has grown in size, scope, and representation. Women and minority-owned business are welcomed and have assumed leadership roles on the board. Now a 501(c)(6) organization, the SACC represents over 650 companies and organizations throughout the Eastern Shore including agriculture, finance, healthcare, education, hospitality, foodservice, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, professional services, and shipbuilding. Still the backbone of our local economy, small businesses make up over 80% of SACC membership.

The SACC mission has stood the test of time. We remain devoted to serving our members’ interests, providing measurable value through business advocacy, connections, and education, and promoting economic development for the whole region.

To further the SACC mission, the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation was formed in January 2003. The Foundation accrues funds through grants, gifts, and fundraising to help develop and support the residents, businesses, and goals of Eastern Shore communities.

There is no question that our Chamber’s spot in history, as well as its tremendously bright future, is due to the hard work of the men, women, and businesses that have comprised its membership over the years.

To those dedicated individuals, we say THANK YOU. To potential members, join us!